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Like You Tube? Like playing quick fun games? Do you have an interest in tagging? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions then check out VideoTag. Watch some of the most popular You Tube videos whilst playing a game and help to tag You Tube videos. Don't like the idea of a game? Then try Simply Tag - simply watch and tag.
Why do this? Learn more here.
Golden Tag

Can you find the Golden Tag for each video? Tag your way through the decades. Only one tag is golden. Can you find it? How quickly can you find it?
Top Tag

Can you find the Top 5 tags for each video? How many can you find in the time limit?

Simply Tag

Prefer watching videos to playing games?
Want to watch the whole video not just 1 min?
More interested in Tags than Points?

Then try Simply Tag. A non-game based video tagging system. Watch and tag the videos you want. Explore the Tags to find new videos to watch.